Out of three one women gets sexual calls and messages

Women are moving forward, flying wings, women fighter pilots, the defense minister is also a woman. Despite this, for many of its people, the woman is just a woman, whom you do not know or know, but thinks that she can be called a wild porn. She can be sexually explicit, can be sent to porn messages. Do women really have any significance for such people?

According to a survey, one in three out of every 3 women in our country comes with obscene calls and messages. The content of such messages and phone calls is sexual. The surveyor has done this survey.

Of these women surveyed, 52 percent of those women come once in a call week. Of these, 74 per cent of collars are those women do not know. There are 23 per cent of collars that stocks women and 11 per cent are those who know women.

These people do not stop here, their courage increases even when they start troubling him by sending him a secretive content without the consent of the woman. Do you know in which cities of the highest number of such cases are found, in fact, cases of harassment of women in this way are most in Delhi.

In a recent survey, many women were talked about. This survey found that nearly eighty percent of women are quite angry and upset with the sexually-related phones, while 37 percent of women are scared.

It was also reported in the survey that 74 per cent of the women make a lot of efforts to prevent such calls, messages, in which to block a number to avoid a call, some people even do such things on social media, some Women do DND activation, and even some people complain about such people. A lot of women take the help of an app that uses the phone number.

In the survey, 53 per cent of the women said that they also receive calls from fraudulent people everyday, in which they try to remove sensitized information so that they can be taken advantage. Sexual harassment of women through mobile phone calls or messages is done all over the world, but when such cases occur in a country like India, where women are given the status of Goddess, this thing is a little bit stingy, it hurts.

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