Some times our own loved ones clearly leave us : Suryakant Tripathi

Whenever you're in a strong and stable relationship with a person, you know you're okay? Well, this wo n't always be the case. Even if you think you and your partner are so in love with each other, it doesn't necessarily mean your relationship is all right.

Sometimes you can be in contact with someone who loves you and still leaves you. And that's the kind of neglect that hurts. It hurts because you know that you have love and you still let it go.

Love alone does not suffice to make a relationship work. It would be very naive and ignorant to believe otherwise. There are many aspects of a relationship that require the attention and time of a person. And if even one thing lags behind, the whole relationship is pot.

It's always unfortunate when a breakup occurs, but it still happens. Actually, they happen a lot. It's especially painful when you're the one who gets broken up.

But if you're so suddenly broken, it's a different kind of pain. So you should never trust simply because you know your partner loves you. You can't indulge in such complacency.

Remember, it doesn't mean you can't improve anything just because you're so happy with your love. There's always something you need to work on. You can always try to do something better. And if you're still not convinced that you'd never love a person.

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