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I'm Suryakant Tripathi

I'm a Digital Marketing Expert. I have completed Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. I started my Job in October 2014 in Vidya Petroleum (I) Pvt. Ltd. Currently I'm working here as Plant In-Charge. Here I'm responsible for managing the day to day operations, Monitoring Operating Dispatch, Inventory and Asset Control. I've 5 Years Experience in Plant Management,Adherence to the System and Process, Dispatch and Inventory control. In 2016 , I listen a word 'Blogging' and I learn how to start blog from youtube and created a blog and started a political news blog www.politicsdangal.com , but I was failed because I don't have full knowledge about Blogging, SEO and SEO Friendly Content. In 2019, I enrolled in Digital Marketing Course @ PIIDM and learnt about 30+ Modules of Digital Marketing. I've full practical knowledge about Website Design, App Design, Graphic Design, SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Blogging and Content Marketing.

I love write articles and learn new thing. Oneday I realized that our society is facing from two strong isuue, first is Caste base Reservation and Second is Dowry System. I wanna to put the end both, because both are social evil.

Sai Nath University

Integrated MBA

I.A.I.T Group of Institution Varanasi

Diploma in Electrical and Electronics


Digital Marketing

Plant In-Charge

Vidya Petroleum (I) Pvt.Ltd.

Founder Memeber

Saumya Foundation



My Skills
Web and App Creation
Branding and Digital Marketing
Production, Dispatch and Inventory Management


Awards Won


Facebook Likes


SEO Project




Web Design

I'm expert to Design Dynamic and Static Website

Online Advertising

Brand your business online and target customers by location, age, interests and workplace

Search Engine Optimization

Get your website on the first page of major search engines right when a new customer is looking for you.

Online Reputation Management

Find out what people are saying about your brand online and respond to them in the correct way

Social Media Marketing

We create and manage social media accounts to interact your audiance

Content Marketing

we write and manage content to achieve the goal and target the right audience.


What is Marketing ?

The business or action of selling the services, products and promoting the products including advertising and marketing research is called Marketing.

The main task of marketing is to understand the market from the customer's perspective, to market research, to create strategies in view of future needs, analyze market competition, to create long-lasting relationship, to create brand identity, to prepare the product according to customer needs. Fix price and according to market competition and using string advertising tools.

There is Four elements of Marketing.
1. Products - First You Should select what you want to sell ?
2. Price -  What will Price Of that particular product?
3. Place - The place where the customers will buy that product.
4. Promotion - How you will introduce your products to your customers ?

What is Marketing
What is Marketing ?

Product : 

Suppose you think of a thought for an item you need your business to sell. What's straightaway? You most likely won't be fruitful on the off chance that you simply begin offering it.

Rather, you need your showcasing group to do statistical surveying and answer some basic inquiries: Who's your intended interest group? Is there market fit for this item? What informing will build item deals, and on which stages? By what means should your item engineers adjust the item to improve probability of achievement? What do center gatherings think about the item, and what questions or waverings do they have?

Advertisers utilize the responses to these inquiries to enable organizations to comprehend the interest for the item and increment item quality by referencing concerns originating from center gathering or review members.

Price : 

Your advertising group will look at contenders' item costs, or use center gatherings and studies, to appraise how much your optimal client is eager to pay. Value it excessively high, and you'll miss out on a strong client base. Value it excessively low, and you may lose more cash than you gain. Luckily, advertisers can utilize industry research and buyer examination to measure a decent value run.

Place : 

It's important that your advertising division utilizes their comprehension and investigation of your business' purchasers to offer recommendations for how and where to sell your item. Maybe they trust a web based business web page works superior to a retail store, or the other way around. Or on the other hand, possibly they can offer bits of knowledge into which areas would be most practical to sell your item, either broadly and globally.

Promotion :

This Four Elements is likely the one you anticipated from the get-go: advancement involves any on the web or print ad, occasion, or rebate your advertising group makes to build mindfulness and enthusiasm for your item, and, at last, lead to more deals. Amid this stage, you'll likely observe strategies like advertising efforts, ads, or online life advancements. 

Ideally, our definition and the four Ps help you comprehend promoting's motivation and how to characterize it. Promoting crosses with all territories of a business, so it's significant you see how to utilize advertising to build your business' effectiveness and achievement.

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